Overseas Business Department

Welcome to Overseas Business Department of Refine Oita Co., Ltd. The department has been started its operation with a vision to connects the Refine Oita Co., Ltd. and the World. The philosophy of Overseas Business Department is "SAFETY, QUALITY and  EFFICIENCY". The department has offer 'Trading, Sourcing and  Procuring' only “Made in Japan” high quality products and services to meet the overseas business partners market demand. In this global mindset, Refine Oita has become the partner (sales agent/wholesale distributor) of many diversified Japanese  manufacturers/OEM companies based in Oita Prefecture, and  beyond. Overseas Business Department has served trade service and export of premium quality products in terms of B2B segment to worldwide importers/buyers. We served the overseas business partners, who value and look forward to imports Japanese safe and quality products for their valued customers. In addition, Our team also provide support to grow partners business in terms of finding trustworthy connection & network from Japan. Our team has made a commitment to deliver the highest quality of products and services in regards to budget schedule, & client priorities. We believe 'Service is Everything'. We source & deliver what we promise, 'Quickly and Efficiently'. Our company will conclude a sales contract with business partner. Thank You for reading us Today! 

 Trading Business Service

Affiliate Department / Service Provider

Overseas Business Department (Trading Business Service)

Date of Establishment

May 1, 2020

Group President & CEO

Kentaro Miyasako


Md Akram Hossain

Telephone Number

+ 81 (0) 97-579-7455

Mobile Number

+81 (0) 70-2392-7554 (on Telework)

Fax. Number

+81 (0) 97-579-7454

Email Address

refineoita-hossain20@oct-net.ne.jp    refineoitatrade20@gmail.com

Head Office & Factory

10 Shimotsuo, Inukaimachi, Bungoono City, Oita Prefecture, Japan.

Business Service Content

- Trading, Sourcing & Procuring Japanese Products & Services

- Export Japanese Manufacturer/OEM Products
- Budget Schedule & Logistics support

- Imports Commercial Hotel Linen / Home Textile Products

- R & D Service for Japan Intermediation

- Language Support: Japanese / English / Others. 

Export Products Outline

      Premium Quality Fruits Jam products       (Alcohol-free / Muslim Friendly)

Year-round Products

Seasonal Products

Blueberry Jam

Mandarin Orange Jam

Dates Paste

Amanatsu Orange Jam

Mango Jam

Pear Jam

Yuzu / Citrus Jam

Kabosu/Lemon Jam

Carrot-Apple Jam


Raw Materials: 100% Fresh & Finest Fruits
Raw Materials Origin: Japan (except Mango & Dates)
Net Weight/Unit: 150g 

Special Features: Handmade & High Fruits Contents

Taste: Sweet (low sugar/Beet granulated sugar)

Product Validity: 18 / 24 Months from Manufacture date
Packaging/Label: Standard (Glass Jar)
Private Label: Acceptable*(condition apply)
Product Origin: Made in Japan.

B2B Segment Price: Ask (please contact us).



Premium Quality Pure Japanese Honey        

(Honey Content 100%) 

Variety / Category: 

- 100 Flowers Blossom Honey

- Renge Blossom Honey 

- Mandarin Orange Blossom Honey

- Acacia Blossom Honey  

- Spring & Summer Honey


- High Quality Honey from Japan

- Unheated, Cold Extract, Raw Honey

- Free from added Sugar or Syrup 

- No Chemicals or Preservatives Used. 

Main Production Area: Domestic / Japan

Self-Life / Expiry Date: 2 years

Net Weight/Unit: 110g, 140g, 150g, 280g, 700g, 1kg

Packaging Type: Glass Jar / PP Bag.
Storage Method: Avoid Direct Sunlight and Store at Room Temperature.
Packaging/Label: Standard (Glass Jar/ PP Bag)/ Private label acceptable *condition apply.

Free form added preservatives and additives.

Do not feed infants under the age of one (01).

B2B Segment Price: Ask (please contact us).

AQUA SANITER (Slightly Acidic Hypochlorous Acid Water) / Hygiene Products / Hand Sanitizer / Disinfectant / Alcohol-free / Halal Certified


Products Outline

Effective Chlorine Concentration: 10-80 mg / kg (ppm)
pH: 5.0-6.5
Packaging Type: 1L Aluminum Pack and 10L Bag-in-Box
Foam: Liquid
Virus / Germ Inactivating Effect: 99.99%
Certification: HALAL Certification, Safety Test & more.
Merit: Alcohol-Free & Gentle to People and Environment.

Can be used in following places

Slightly acidic electrolyzed water can be used as easily as water, so it can be used in various fields, business & daily life as follows:

Offices and various facilities: Indoor space sterilization, cleaning desks & chairs, cleaning & deodorizing smoking rooms, Toilet disinfection and deodorization.

Restaurant / kitchen: Sterilization and deodorization of cutting boards, kitchen knives, and cooking utensils, Cleaning of tables and equipment, Space sterilization in the store.

School / Education site: Classroom space sterilization, Sterilization of door knob.

Hotels / Accommodations: Cleaning and deodorizing guest rooms, Cleaning the lobby, cleaning and deodorizing smoking areas, Sterilization and deodorization of toilets and washrooms.

Hygiene measures in Daily Life: Wipe the Table, Sterilization & deodorization of cutting boards, kitchen knives, & cooking utensils, Hygiene measures for the exam season, Toilet disinfection and deodorization, Sterilization of Toys, Tobacco deodorant, Sterilization and deodorization in the car.

Pets: After a pet walk, Coarse phase location of Small Animals, Pet toilets and gauges. 

Product Validity / Self Life: 6/12 Months from manufacture date

Packaging/Label: OEM

Product Origin / OEM: Made in Japan

B2B Segment Price: Ask (please contact us).

Roasted Sweet Potato


Product Net Weight: 190gram

Raw Materials: 100% Fresh and Finest Sweet Potato

Product Self Life: 12 months from Manufacture date

Stored Method: Room Temperature

Shipping Terms: FOB / CNF / CIF (Sea Freight Dispatch)

Packaging/Label: Standard Vacuum Packing

Sample: Available on request.


Product Origin / OEM: Made in Japan


[Supporting people with disabilities]

Manufacturer Quotes:

I want to create jobs for people with disabilities and provide them with a place to work. And I want to make their income the best in Japan. A portion of the sales of this product is used to increase the income of people with disabilities. 

 Processed Foods & Beverages

  • Japanese Snacks like Dry / Grilled Fish
  • Miso
  • Sea Urchin Mekabu
  • Kabosu Nori Tsukudani
  • Ryukyu Tare etc.  


 Products Specifications

(A) Grilled Shrimp

Freshly Baked Small Shrimp Carefully.
A Snack with A Rich Aroma of Shrimp.
Capacity/Package Weight: 40gm/pp

(B) Grilled Conger EEL
The Conger Eel Was Carefully Opened,
Seasoned and Baked.
Capacity/Package Weight: 50gm/pp

(C) Silver-stripe Round Herring
Fresh Silver-stripe Round Herring from Kagoshima Is Dried to Make It Easy to Eat. It Is an Additive-free Product That Can Be Eaten as It Is. You Can Enjoy WITH A Wide Range of People from Children to The Elderly.
Capacity/Package Weight: 80gm/pp

(D) Brown Grilled Horse Mackerel
The Hydrangea Was Carefully Opened,
Seasoned and Baked.
Capacity/Package Weight: 70gm/pp

(E) Eating Iripi
Seasoned with iris and almonds.
Capacity/Package Weight: 90gm/pp


Following Features are applicable for all products listed above.
Preservation / Expiry: Room temperature 120 Days
Product Origin / OEM: Made in Japan
B2B Segment Price: Ask (please contact us).

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